About Rachel Farabaugh

Hi! My name is Rachel and I am the creator of Inspirational Tarot. I’ve been reading Tarot for over twenty years, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to write my own interpretations of the cards and design my own decks. I knew it was time to create a more modern version of Tarot that honors the traditional deck, but in a unique and artistic style. I have simplified the Tarot in a way that I find to be beautiful and easy to understand. I use my intuition and imagination to guide me in everything I do, especially in the creation of this brand.

It has taken me nearly three years to finish the decks that I now share with you. Creating Inspirational Tarot has been a labor of love that I am honored to put forth into the world. I hope the works I’ve created will offer you insight and guidance along your path as you learn Tarot. Sharing this with you is one of the greatest gifts I can offer in this lifetime, so please enjoy!

To see more of my work online, visit www.rachelfarabaugh.com.