Card Meanings


The Major Arcana

The word Arcana translates to Secret or Mystery. The 22 cards of the Major Arcana are also known as the trump cards in the traditional Tarot deck. These cards are the foundation of the deck and carry a greater importance and weight than the 56 Minor Arcana cards. Each card is numbered sequentially to represent the universal stages of spiritual evolution throughout life. Starting with innocence (the Fool), the Major Arcana progress through the set in ascending order, ending on completion (the World). They represent a Higher Consciousness and spiritual self awareness that is important to pay attention to. The lessons they teach are very meaningful and have a longer lasting impact than the Minor cards.

When a reading is primarily made up of Major Arcana cards, it can indicate life changing experiences that will have long lasting effects. The lessons of the Major Arcana must be paid attention to for they hold a heavy influence over all other cards in the reading. They are a direct connection to your deeper subconscious and Higher Self. I consider them to be very important messages from the Universe that are passed along to help us. Be sure to listen! The messages of the Minor Arcana are typically more flexible and have more to do with our life choices rather than stronger Universal influences affecting us on a larger scale.

Learn how to read Tarot

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