Card Meanings


Ace of Cups

Inspirational Tarot Ace of Cups
  • Keyword : Love

This Card's Message:

Enjoy the newfound energy, love and positivity you are experiencing

The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of love and new avenues of self expression. A heightened sense of awareness has been welcomed into your life with an outpouring of love and positive emotions as a result. You are feeling the abundance of high energy and excitement that surrounds you both outwardly and deep inside. This could take the form of a new romantic relationship, a psychic awakening within yourself, or a deeper connection with others. This is a time of happiness, compassion, spiritual love, wisdom and self expression. Enjoy this newfound feeling and let the energies it brings carry you through into the next phase of the journey. All Aces are indicative of new beginnings, so this card can also be an indicator of marriage or birth announcements.

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