Card Meanings


The Devil XV

Inspirational Tarot The Devil
  • Keyword : Illusion
  • Planet : Saturn
  • Element : Earth

This Card's Message:

Break free from the illusion of limiting beliefs

The Devil’s power rests in the illusion that you are trapped. It is our own limiting beliefs that hold us back. This can manifest by accepting a bad situation as normal, being a slave to desires or materialism, or unhealthy addictions. You may be feeling restrained with the illusion that there are no alternatives to the parts of your life where you feel stuck. Your energy is locked away in the hidden areas of yourself, and now is the time to embrace the spiritual components of life so you can remember your true power. The only way to liberation is to break free from this illusion. Remember that none of this is real, and it is only our limiting thoughts. Break free of these beliefs and you will break free of this illusion.

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