Card Meanings


The Hierophant V

Inspirational Tarot The Hierophant
  • Keyword : Rules
  • Planet : Taurus
  • Element : Earth

This Card's Message:

Let go of expectations from others in order to be more true to yourself

The Hierophant is an enforcer of rules, dogma and compliance much like the Emperor. His dominant concerns are regarding moral law, conformity and order. He represents the power of the conscious mind and can play the role of a teacher or an established institution. As an enforcer of laws, the Hierophant brings to light the governing principles and conformity within society. Look at the path you’re on and be sure you are not living a life too rigidly bound by rules and expectations. Often times we limit ourselves by the beliefs of others. Do not let rules or conformity play too dominant a role in your life. Ask yourself where you may let go of expectations from others in order to be more true to yourself.

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