Card Meanings


Nine of Wands

Inspirational Tarot Deck Nine of Wands
  • Keyword : Resilience

This Card's Message:

Remain patient, stay strong, and know that you are almost there

The Nine of Wands is the card of perseverance and not giving up. In times of stress, this card is a reassuring sign to remain patient and stay strong. You may be feeling tense or tired from exerting so much energy to stay ready for a battle that is far from over. Feeling the need to keep your guard up and stay protected is leaving you worn out. Remain strong and to do not give up. Your self confidence will provide stability and strength during this time, and you will bounce back once again to a position of comfort and ease. Know that you are incredibly close, so do not give up when you have made it this far. You have the inner strength and stamina to finish this through.

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