Card Meanings


The Fool 0

Inspirational Tarot The Fool
  • Keyword : Beginnings
  • Planet : Uranus
  • Element : Air

This Card's Message:

Now is the time to follow your heart’s desires

The Fool is the spirit of chaos and the unexpected. It may be time for a fresh start or change in direction. It is the wild card of the deck, representing innocence and the power of the unknown. Like the Fool, all possibilities start in nothingness and reach into infinity. Now is the time to follow your heart’s desires and have faith in the unexpected. Listen to your inner voice and don’t be afraid to step foot on the path that is most in alignment with your truest purpose. Call on the Fool when you are about to start something new and need the courage to follow through. The innocence and unattached freedom of the Fool will help you stay true to your desires and remind you to have faith in the unexpected.

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