Card Meanings


The Chariot VII

Inspirational Tarot The Chariot
  • Keyword : Surrender
  • Planet : Moon
  • Element : Water

This Card's Message:

Victory will be yours through self determination and willpower

The Chariot represents conquest and victory through willpower. There is strong determination and rapid movement of energy behind this card. The Chariot represents victory in overcoming opposition, which will be done through your own self determination and confidence. Take a look at the opposing forces in your life and find a way to reconcile them to your advantage. Use the strength of your willpower to steer you in the right direction and use that momentum to push you forward in pursuing your goals and dreams. You will triumph over any obstacles so long as you stay focused and determined along the way. Use the strength of your ego to overcome doubt from those who may try to limit you. You will succeed.

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