Card Meanings


The Lovers VI

Inspirational Tarot The Lovers
  • Keyword : Trust
  • Planet : Gemini
  • Element : Air

This Card's Message:

Trust your instincts and choose what your heart desires no matter what

Love causes us to surrender to a higher power and places us into our highest state of consciousness. Trust your instincts and choose what your heart desires, no matter what. All actions and intentions that originate from love will manifest into great results. This card represents your true purpose, ideas and personality shining through. It is the first card in the deck where the true individual emerges and plays a strong role. Additionally, you may be on the verge of starting a new relationship (either romantic or platonic)  that will change the course of your life in a rather dramatic way. Love will always lead you on your path, so trust in its ability to bring with it an abundance of good feelings.

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