Card Meanings


Judgement XX

Inspirational Tarot Judgement
  • Keyword : Crossroads
  • Planet : Pluto
  • Element : Fire

This Card's Message:

You are being called to rise to a more meaningful existence

Judgement brings us to a crossroads where a decision is needed. A change has already occurred and now you must recognize and accept it. You may have had a recent awakening and have come to the realization that you need to be more true to yourself. Perhaps some major life changes are required. Through meditation, reflection and self-evaluation you will find the answers you are looking for to cope with these realizations. Coming to terms with the past is a necessary part of moving beyond it. Forgive, let go, and release any attachments that hold you back. You are being called to rise to a more meaningful existence by a force greater than yourself. The reality of life has changed. The only choice now is to follow.

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