Card Meanings


Nine of Swords

Inspirational Tarot Deck Nine of Swords
  • Keyword : Despair

This Card's Message:

The best method of moving past feelings of despair is forgiveness

The Nine of Swords indicates feelings of guilt, grief and despair. You are feeling a deep rooted sadness that seems impossible to let go of. This sadness can manifest itself into the form of worrying or over thinking. Reliving thoughts of the past only leads to suffering and mental torment. There is no need to obsess or feel overly responsible for events from the past that you have no control over. The best method of moving forward is forgiveness for both yourself as well as for the others involved. Once forgiveness is granted, you release yourself from any further feelings of suffering by acceptance and detaching from the past. Remember that things are usually not as bad as they seem.

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