Card Meanings


Seven of Cups

Inspirational Tarot Seven of Cups
  • Keyword : Choices

This Card's Message:

Use your intuition to guide you into making the right decision

The Seven of Cups indicates that there is an important decision to be made with many options to choose from, perhaps too many. Confusion lands when there is an overabundance of desirable temptations or when wishful thinking is involved. Use your intuition to guide you into making the right decision and you will never be led astray. You will always know what is right by what you feel deep inside, so do not ignore your inner conscious. Your divine self is always there to guide you when you are faced with tough decisions. You are never alone and always have support as long as you listen to your inner voice. When in doubt, sit quietly and wait for the answer to emerge on its own rather than seeking it out in a state of confusion.

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