Card Meanings


Eight of Cups

Inspirational Tarot Eight of Cups
  • Keyword : Searching

This Card's Message:

Don't be afraid to embark on a journey into the unknown

The Eight of Cups is a gate card calling for personal exploration and a journey into the unknown. Something is missing and you are beginning a search for greater depth and meaning. You are ready to begin the search for self mastery and personal fulfillment in your life. Don’t be afraid to embark on a journey into the unknown and leave behind all that is familiar and comfortable. Travel the world. Meditate. Seek the answers to life by exploring deep within yourself. Focus on your inner world and listen to your calling. Follow your heart and do what you truly desire. This is a time of transition and spiritual awakening that will lead you through incredible growth. Letting go and trusting in the unknown will ensure that you find all of the gems you seek.

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