Card Meanings


Three of Cups

Inspirational Tarot Three of Cups
  • Keyword : Celebration

This Card's Message:

Now is the time to celebrate life with those you love the most

The Three of Cups indicates an abundance of celebrations and social gatherings. You are surrounded by the people you love and by those who love you. Your vibration has been raised and is attracting joyful energy back into your life. Now is the time to share in the wonders of this world and celebrate the abundance of what life has to offer. You are safe and protected at this time, so relax into this state of bliss. Take a break from working too hard and allow yourself the freedom to enjoy these well deserved rewards. Spend time with friends, family and community instead of spending time alone. Attend the parties and events that bring you the most joy. Now is the time to celebrate life with those you love the most.

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