Card Meanings


The Hanged Man XII

inspirational Tarot The Hanged Man
  • Keyword : Acceptance
  • Planet : Neptune
  • Element : Water

This Card's Message:

Let go of expectations and let things evolve naturally on their own

The Hanged Man represents the peace that comes from the acceptance of letting go. When this card shows up, it is a message to surrender to the forces outside of yourself. Relax and be patient. Let go of expectations and things will evolve naturally in their own time. When you most feel like acting, wait. Do not force the situation by trying to find a solution. It can be our reaction to the situation that is often worse than the situation itself. We rarely have all of the information necessary to foresee the outcome, so we must wait for the rest of the puzzle pieces to present themselves in their own time. This card is the true definition of winning by surrendering.

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