Card Meanings


Strength VIII

Inspirational Tarot Strength
  • Keyword : Strength
  • Planet : Sun
  • Element : Fire

This Card's Message:

Cultivate compassion and love for they are your greatest strengths

The Strength card shows that you can be both gentle yet firm. Strength is not necessarily about power or brute force. You become your strongest self through the practice of self control and self awareness. This card represents your character. It is a reflection of your honor, compassion and patience. You can achieve anything through kindness and by applying the power of love and compassion in the face of difficult situations. It requires more strength to be fearless and kind in the face of adversity than it does to respond with retaliation or defense. Cultivate compassion and love for they are your greatest strengths. Your strong presence will not go unnoticed by others when you act from the heart.

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