Card Meanings


Three of Swords

Inspirational Tarot Deck Three of Swords
  • Keyword : Heartache

This Card's Message:

Growth will occur through the pain of letting go

You may be experiencing painful emotions of the heart as truth pierces through. Old situations must be cut away to make room for new ones, so allow yourself to feel the emotions of sadness, loneliness, betrayal or heartbreak as they arise. Growth will occur through the loss and pain of letting go of something that has outgrown its usefulness. It is a necessary loss or ending that has stood in your way, and it is now time for change. Only by embracing the feelings of heartache will you allow yourself the ability to grow and move past it. Then you will be open to the unlimited potential of new possibilities and the light that follows after darkness. You alone have the ability to rise above these shadows once you have let them go.


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