Card Meanings


Page of Cups

Inspirational Tarot Page of Cups
  • Keyword : Intuition

This Card's Message:

Listen to your intuition and act upon your creative instincts

The Page of Cups reminds you to further develop your own psychic abilities and talents. Inspirational and intuitive messages can stimulate your creativity so be on high alert. Be emotional, loving and open to receiving. Remember that contemplation of dreams and ideas also requires discipline to follow through with them. Turn your dreams and ideas into action. Don’t be afraid to act. Listen to your intuition and act on your instincts at this time. You are on the right path, and if you follow your creative process all the way through, you will be guided to places far beyond what you can imagine. As an individual, the Page can manifest as someone who encourages you to follow your dreams and try new experiences.

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