Card Meanings



Emotional (Water)

The Suit of Cups represents the emotional aspects of our consciousness. It is also referred to as Chalices or Hearts in the traditional deck of playing cards. Astrologically, it is ruled by Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. Cups is a representation of the Water element and has to do with love and relationships. Our relationships with others are oftentimes a reflection of our inner state of mind and can act as a mirror to our deepest emotions. The concept of self love is just as important and should always be considered when interpreting the messages and guidance this suit brings.

Cups signifies the most spiritual and the most loving aspects of the Minor Arcana. It is a reminder to stay in touch with our emotions and not to judge them as good or bad. All emotions are necessary to help us along our path. When balanced, we are more likely to make decisions from our heart rather than from our head. We will feel deeply aligned to our creativity and imagination and act naturally out of love. When out of balance, we may feel disengaged, dispassionate or overly emotional. We may not be able to express ourselves freely and find ourselves stuck creatively. Be sure to allow yourself the freedom to feel deeply into your emotions and you will access the love and intuition that is always present within.


• Relationships
• Intuition
• Emotions
• Consciousness
• Inner States

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