Card Meanings



Physical (Earth)

The Suit of Pentacles represents the physical or material world. It is also referred to as Coins or Diamonds in the traditional deck of playing cards. Astrologically, it is ruled by Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Pentacles is a representation of the Earth element and therefore shows us what is happening in our physical reality. Acting as a mirror for our inner world, it can show us what it is we seek and what it is we are creating. Prosperity is the truest definition of Pentacles, and this represents more than just money and wealth. Practicality, security, comfort, home, career, health and other physical manifestations are all represented by this suit.

On a more esoteric level, Pentacles also has to do with what we are manifesting in our lives either consciously or unconsciously. It shows us proof of manifestation and prosperity as well as fear, which all starts within. Ego, desire and self image are important to honor when creating a life in this physical world. When balanced, our outer world will reflect back to us the harmony that we hold within. When out of balance, we may witness overindulgence, materialistic tendencies, blockages or lack mentality. It is important to remember that we create our own physical reality from our thoughts, feelings and desires. Stay in balance and never forget that we all have access to abundance and infinite possibilities.


• Prosperity
• Wealth
• Security
• Material
• Practicality
• Home

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