Card Meanings



Mental (Air)

The Suit of Swords is often interpreted as conflict, but there is much more to this suit than meets the eye. It is also referred to as Spades in the traditional deck of playing cards. Astrologically, it is ruled by Gemini, Aquarius and Libra and is a representation of the Air element. The Suit of Swords accesses the mental level of consciousness and is therefore centered around the mind. Truth, logic, thoughts, ethics and integrity are also strongly characterized by Swords. The mind, like a Sword, can be sharp and cut through obstacles quite easily. Seeing as Swords are double edged, they represent the balance between intellect and power and how to use these forces for good versus evil.

This suit reminds us of the fine line that exists between intellect and power and how to honor the mind. Swords are best balanced with Cups (feelings) and Wands (spirit) as opposed to standing on their own. When balanced, we will learn to honor the sharpness of the mind and appreciate the moral and ethical principles we have developed. When out of balance, we may feel conflict, power struggles, anger, guilt, judgement and lack of compassion. Be sure to honor your mind while keeping it in balance with your heart and emotions. Used for good, the mind can do very great things.


• Thoughts
• Intellect
• Integrity
• Truth
• Ethics
• Disharmony
• Power
• Ego
• Logic

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