Card Meanings



Spiritual (Fire)

The Suit of Wands represents our spirituality, intuition, and primal energies. It indicates growth and expansion in these areas. It is also referred to as Rods, Staves or Clubs in the traditional deck of playing cards. Astrologically, it is ruled by Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Wands is a representation of the Fire element and has to do with our ambition and sense of purpose in the world. Oftentimes this manifests as our career or the projects we are passionate about, but it can also indicate love and other hidden desires. When a Wands card appears, action is encouraged and change is on the horizon. Wands are powerful cards that urge us to make bold moves, and they also warn us when we’re moving too fast.

Wands is strongly connected with ideas, innovation, drive, determination, creativity and ambition. This comes from accessing a deeper state of awareness into our dreams and spiritual consciousness. When balanced, we will see incredible growth, rewards and opportunities manifest from our efforts. When out of balance, we may feel lost, directionless, overwhelmed, or over worked. It is important not to act impulsively considering this is a suit of action. Stay in balance and focus your energies on what feels most in alignment to your soul’s purpose. Your growth and expansion in this lifetime depends on it!


• Dreams
• Creativity
• Intuition
• Action
• Movement

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